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Torquay Credit Union began November 22, 1954.

Arne Vinge was the first Secretary Treasurer or General Manager followed by Fred Lockhart, Mel Wallin, Gary Manley, and Rick Kozmanuik and at present Ann Favreau.

The assets as of December 31, 1954 were $1304.00.  These funds were stored in a wooden cigar box for safe keeping.  We have kept this cigar box as a memento of the past.

Tribune Branch opened on July 17, 1967.

Pop Marchand was the first branch manager followed by Dennis Gregoire, Gordon Friess, Tom Mossing, Allan Frank, Irvin Hoffman, Stacey Diehl, Terry Fitzgerald, Dennis Biblow and at present Dianne Chapman.

Over the years we have seen Arsene Marcotte, Jim Groshong, Wilfred Walkeden, George Marcotte, Gerald Walkeden, Margaret Ordahl, Norma Erickson and at present Steven Berg serving as President for the Credit Union.

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